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HAGO Mission

The Heartland Association of Gynecologic Oncology (HAGO) is dedicated to providing relevant and timely educational material, a forum for research presentation and collaboration. By bringing gynecologic cancer providers from the central United States together, HAGO strives to collectively work to improve the lives of women.



Past President: Stephen L. Rose, MD (University of Wisconsin)

President: Shitanshu Uppal, MD (University of Michigan)

President-Elect: Peter Argenta, MD (University of Minnesota)

Vice President: Ryan Spencer, MD (University of Wisconsin)

Secretary-Treasurer: Denise Uyar, MD (Medical College of Wisconsin)

Secretary-Treasurer Elect: Andrea O’Shea, MD (University of Minnesota)

Fellow Member: Danielle Chau, MD (Cleveland Clinic)


            Michael Goodheart, MD (University of Iowa)

            Amy McNally, MD (US Oncology)

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